August 25 & 26 | YCEC Summer Institute

On Friday, August 26th, YouthREX’s Central Hub is hosting two sessions at the York Centre for Education and Community’s Summer Institute. The theme of this year’s Summer Institute, which runs for two days on Thursday, August 25th and Friday, August 26th, is “Re/defining Educational Success: Purposeful Advocacy for Change”.

The Summer Institute brings together educators, youth, parents and community members to explore and share insights on how to re/define, challenge and build upon theories and practices in relation to what educational success can mean for students. Read on for more about YouthREX’s sessions and click the button below to register.

We hope you join us in-person and/or online using the hashtag #YCECSI2016!

Understanding the Complexities: Providing Support to Trans Youth 

Workshop Presenter: Jay Jaxen Jonah, MSW Student, York University & YouthREX Knowledge Mobilization Research Assistant

This interactive workshop is an opportunity for educators and service providers to learn from a trans identified community member about how to work toward improving the wellbeing of trans youth.

We will discuss the benefits of including trans identified community members in policy and curriculum development as well as the benefits of drawing on their experience and knowledge to inform strategies for creating inclusive schools.

This workshop focuses on exploring what it means to identify as a trans youth, understanding how identifying as trans can have significant impacts on a youth’s wellbeing, and presents strategies for supporting trans youth both inside and outside of the classroom.

If you can’t catch this session in person, check out our September 1, 2016 webinar, Supporting Trans Youth Wellbeing!

New Opportunities for Innovative Student Engagement (NOISE) for Social Change

Workshop Presenters: Hatice Celik, NOISE Program Manager, Rebecca Houwer, YouthREX Knowledge Exchange Manager, and NOISE Fellows

NOISE for Social Change, hosted by the School of Social Work at York University, engages undergraduate and graduate-level university students and youth who attend high school in the Jane and Finch community. The aim of NOISE is to expand the educational, career, and civic possibilities for younger and older students alike. NOISE participants form small study groups that identify an issue of shared socio-political concern, undertake participatory community-based research on the issue, and design and implement an action to address the issue.

In this session we present the NOISE model, examples of the projects’ outcomes, and preliminary findings from our evaluation of the project. Participants will view a youth-produced video about the NOISE program and learn about the NOISE model: a PSE access and student engagement program that integrates community-based research, engaged pedagogies, and community connection.

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