Free one-on-one program evaluation supports for grassroots
youth sector organizations across Ontario to track, measure and
share the impact of their work with youth.

Service Pledge

We are committed to providing you with excellent Customized Evaluation Supports (CES) that reflect the six standards that make up our Service Pledge. Click here for a downloadable version of this pledge.


We will meet your organization where your evaluation capacity is.

While grassroots organizations share many similarities, we recognize that all organizations are unique, have different histories, work in different contexts and have staff with varying capacities. We are committed to taking the time to learn about these unique aspects of your organization so that our evaluation plan takes into consideration your organizational, social and political realities.


We will be responsive to your organization’s evaluation needs.

We will be guided by the question, “How and when will you use the information that comes from this evaluation?” Asking this question will help us develop an evaluation process that will generate insightful and useful results.


We will work collaboratively with your organization to co-create evaluation processes for your organization.

While we will endeavour to support your organization to understand, measure, share and improve your impact, we know we are not the experts on your organization. We aren’t coming in to tell you what you do; CES is a shared process and YouthREX is committed to staying true to the ‘eXchange’ in our name.


We will adhere to high ethical standards.

Our evaluation will comply with the Tri-Council Policy Statement on the Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. All our processes will also demonstrate cultural awareness, sensitivity, inclusive practices that reflect on our own values. To learn more about YouthREX’s values, please visit the ‘How We Work’ section of our website.


We will meaningfully engage youth in our evaluation processes.

YouthREX is committed to evaluation processes that include the experience and voices of Ontario’s youth, particularly those who are racialized youth, newcomer youth, Aboriginal youth, youth with disabilities or special needs, youth in and leaving care, Francophone youth, LGBTTQ youth, youth living in rural & remote communities, youth from low-income families and youth in conflict with the law. We will work with your organization to identify how to engage youth in your evaluation journey.


We will listen.
And listen more.

We will do our best to listen empathetically and generatively in order to support your organization through your evaluation journey. This also means we are open to hearing your critical feedback throughout the process so that we can reflect and revise our approach to better support your organization and future organizations.