CES Spotlight blog posts shine a light on youth sector programs and initiatives in Ontario that are undertaking an evaluation journey in collaboration with YouthREX’s Customized Evaluation Supports (CES) at one of our regional hubs across Ontario. The blog posts describe the programs and initiatives and how evaluation supports their objectives to improve youth wellbeing.

In Spring 2016, Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre began an evaluation journey with our Central Hub through our Customized Evaluation Supports (CES) program.

Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre
Family Night & Youth Support Group

Children, youth and families living
with the dying and death of a family member.

Health & Wellness

Diversity, Social Inclusion & Safety
– Strong, Supportive Friends and Family

May 26, 2016

CES Factsheet
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Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre strives to build healthy and compassionate communities to support children, youth and families living with dying, death and grief.

The mission of Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre is to provide care, support and education to grieving children, youth and their families around death and dying, while building strength, resilience and hope.

Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre offers a range of services, including: counselling for children, youth and families before and after the death of a family member; group support for bereaved youth; monthly events for bereaved families, and a weekend bereavement camp for bereaved children and youth. These programs aim to support and strengthen children, youth and families’ capacities to care for themselves and one another as they grieve; to be included and supported to understand their experiences of illness, death and grief; and to have opportunities to connect, share their experiences and support with others, including a community of grieving peers.

“My life felt over at that point. My health took a steep downturn and I didn’t know what to do to save it. That was when I started going for grief counselling and it very well saved my life.”

– Robert M., A Bereaved Son

Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre provides a variety of services and activities including individual and family counselling, hosting family events, a weekend bereavement camp for bereaved children and youth, and more.

“We hope to compile results of various, program-specific evaluations into a comprehensive, clear and compelling report, highlighting the unique elements and common threads and strengths of our services.

– Ceilidh Eaton Russell, Researcher and Evaluator, Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre

Why Customized Evaluation Supports? 

As a relatively young organization supporting grieving families since 2006, Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre has been collecting participant feedback and outcome data since 2008. Last year they became their own free-standing charitable organization, needing to better understand their impacts and the needs of their clients. However, as a small and mighty team they did not have the resources to conduct a comprehensive program evaluation including all of their historic data, without YouthREX’s support.

Currently, Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre is in the Legacy Phase, Step 7 – Learning from Evidence, External Communication, of our Framework for Evaluating Youth Wellbeing.

“Young people’s experiences and wishes are invited throughout their involvement with our programs and inform the delivery and evolution of our services.”

– Ceilidh Eaton Russell, Researcher and Evaluator, Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre

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