Free one-on-one program evaluation supports for grassroots
youth sector organizations across Ontario to track, measure and
share the impact of their work with youth.

So you’re interested in our free Customized Evaluation Supports…

How is your program progressing towards your outcomes?

Why is your program successful, and are there ways you can improve or deepen its impact?

How does your organization capture the impact of the work you do?

Does your program have a Theory of Change or Logic Model that clearly describes the work your program does with youth and the outcomes you want to accomplish?

How can we support you in sharing the legacy and impact of the work you do?

Who is eligible?
Who is eligible?

Ontario grassroots youth serving organizations and initiatives.

What is the cost?
What is the cost?

Nothing! This is a free service funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

How do I get started?
How do I get started?

Please fill out our simple application form.

We provide grassroots youth sector organizations in Ontario with free one-on-one program evaluation supports aimed at helping organizations better understand, track, measure and share the impact of their work with youth in our communities.

We will develop a customized evaluation plan with you and support your organization in implementing it, all with the goal of helping you understand and increase the impact of your program. We will support you to use the findings to inform and improve youth wellbeing – in your organization, community and beyond.

What could your customized evaluation plan include?

  • Development and/or revision of your program’s Theory of Change/Logic Model
  • Data collection, management, analysis and interpretation
  • Reporting/presenting findings
  • Coaching in evaluation and related activities
  • Other: We are here to be responsive to your needs! Activities can be customized to your program and evaluation goals.

We are here to work with you – think of us like evaluation coaches!

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