Dec 01 Webinar Recap: Data Wrangling for Youth Program Evaluation

December 01, 2016 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

Most organizations collect some type of information as part of their work with youth, for example intake forms or applications, attendance records, case notes, and program documentation. The critical question is how are you using the information that you collect as part of your everyday work with youth in your program evaluation?  

This webinar provides an introduction to organizing, managing and visualizing data, planning data analysis, and selecting and using validated measures or other methods. We are joined by expert data wrangler, Sidney Shapiro, who will offer solutions to some real life data management questions and challenges youth programs may experience, including:

  • How to develop a system for entering data on a regular basis
  • How to build accurate, useful and meaningful statistics
  • How to understand the differences between longitudinal versus cross sectional data
  • How to gear data collection and analysis towards answering your questions

And more…!

This webinar is part of YouthREX’s Online Certificate Course on Program Evaluation for Youth Wellbeing.


  1. Webinar Slides
    Access a copy of the webinar slides here.
  2.  Awesome Spreadsheeting Worksheet
    This worksheet goes over 8 useful Excel commands that will help you build a functional system to manage data.

Sidney Shapiro
YouthREX Northeastern Hub
Laurentian University PhD Candidate in Human Studies

Sidney Shapiro is a doctoral student in the Human Studies PhD program at Laurentian University where his research focuses on political and social interactions on campus. He is also a Research Assistant at the YouthREX’s Northeastern Hub and excited about the many different ways to build evaluation capacity for YouthREX community partners. He has experience in data collection and analysis in many different settings, including large scale data analysis, program evaluation, research tool design and implementation. He has done research in a number of areas including anthropology, technology, healthcare, political science and sociology.

Corliss Bean
YouthREX Provincial Office

Corliss Bean is a Research and Evaluation Specialist at YouthREX. As well as being a YouthREX team member, Corliss is a doctoral student at the University of Ottawa where her research focus is in positive youth development, and specifically, the development, implementation, and evaluation of youth programs, with a particular focus on sport and physical activity. She has several years of experience in conducting process and outcome evaluations and working with community-based youth organizations to build capacity around youth programming. Moreover, she has worked with two national sport organizations in the development and evaluation of various programs, including the development of curricula and a training program for program leaders and instructors to build their capacity around teaching life skills through sport.

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