Dr. Carl James

Central Hub Academic Lead

Professor. Faculty of Education, York University
Director, York Centre for Education & Community

The word that sums up my hope for the YouthREX project is CRITICAL AWARENESS

My past experiences with youth, youth organizing and community engagement

A former youth and community worker, I am the founding Director of the York Centre for Education and Community (YCEC); I teach in the Faculty of Education and am cross-appointed to the Graduate Program in Sociology and Social Work. My areas of research include youth studies, particularly examining issues related to educational and occupational access and equity formarginalized youth. My publications in these areas include Life at the Intersection: Community, Class and Schooling (2012) and Race in Play:The Socio-Cultural Worlds of Student Athletes (2005).

What excites me the most

The issues that affect youth wellbeing are complex and dynamic. YouthREX is uniquely positioned to support critical reflection, action and engagement with this complexity, as well as promote a culture of knowledge creation, research, and exchange.