Dr. Diana Coholic

Northeastern Hub Academic Lead

Associate Professor. Affiliation Social Work, Laurentian University

The word that sums up my hope for the YouthREX project is ENGAGEMENT

My past experiences with youth, youth organizing and community engagement

In collaboration with key community partners from the mental health and child welfare sectors, I have studied the benefits of arts-based mindfulness interventions for vulnerable children and youth for 7 years; many students and practitioners have been trained in this work. At Laurentian University, I am a core member of the research centre, ECHO (Evaluating Children’s Health Outcomes), which aims to promote the development of children’s health knowledge through research. I also work with youth in my private practice.

What excites me the most

The opportunity to share knowledge and improve the capacity of the youth sector to meet the needs of vulnerable children and youth. Also, I look forward to the opportunity to engage with children and youth at a grass-roots level in collaborative projects.