Dr. Sarah Todd

Eastern Hub Academic Lead

Associate Professor. School of Social Work, Carelton University

The word that sums up my hope for the YouthREX project is CREATIVITY

My past experiences with youth, youth organizing and community engagement

My career began as a social worker, working with community groups to secure affordable high quality housing. I continue to teach community development and I provide support for grassroots organizations in program development, implementation and evaluation.

What excites me the most

Given the context of precarious funding, YouthREX excites me because I see it offering grassroots organizations the opportunity to tell their stories about the great work that they are doing.  I hope this will help them secure the funding they need to keep doing great work.  In establishing a network for groups to share their success stories, I think YouthREX provides an opportunity to have the entire sector to support each other in providing the most effective and creative services imaginable for youth.