Evaluation in a Youth Sector Context

YouthREX provides the grassroots youth sector and youth-led initiatives with leadership support necessary to develop and implement sustainable evaluation practices.

We are committed to being an accessible and supportive resource for you as you explore and use evaluation in your youth sector context. Whether you’re located in Ontario and want to embark on a full evaluation and engage our Customized Evaluation Supports service, or you just want to check out our Evaluation Framework for Youth Wellbeing, we hope you find something here that sparks with you!

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for anything evaluation related, please let us know by e-mailing youthrex@yorku.ca. We also offer free evaluation workshops in Ontario for grassroots youth organizations – let us know if we can support your work!

Our Evaluation Approach:

  • Community-Based and Contextual: YouthREX’s five regional sites ground our evaluation work in an understanding of the local realities in which Ontario’s grassroots youth organizations work.
  • A Participatory Process: We increase the relevance and usefulness of evaluation findings by equitably engaging stakeholders who care about the evaluation projects
  • Uses Multiple Approaches: Our evaluation approach includes mixed-methods so we can fully answer questions that are meaningful to projects about youth outcomes
  • Strengthens Projects: Evaluation is not only about proving (accountability) but also about improving so YouthREX supports the youth sector with ongoing, systematic and meaningful information that strengthens projects through out their life cycles including outcome data to assess the extent of change.
  • Builds Capacity: YouthREX is not only concerned with outcomes but with the skills, knowledge and capacities acquired by project stakeholders including youth.