A Provincial Exchange

The Youth.
The Work.
The System.

Knowledge to Action
For Youth Wellbeing


KtA Exchange Objectives

Learning, Sharing, Applying!

The design of this Knowledge to Action (KtA) Exchange is guided by the following seven objectives:


Expand the notion of what ‘evidence’ is and share practice relevant knowledge (from research as well as frontline youth work practice and lived experience) that can inform and strengthen youth wellbeing.


Center youth wellbeing within youth work and increase the visibility of youth work – its impact and value, while making visible how youth work practices influence youth wellbeing.


Facilitate the sharing of strategies for using research and evaluation to inform changes to practice, programming, and policy.


Increase youth sector stakeholders’ interest in relevant research that can inform changes to practice, programming, and policy.


Provide a learning space for dialogue about youth wellbeing and the contributions made by Ontario’s youth sector.


Provide continuing educational opportunities for research, evaluation and knowledge mobilization skill development.


Highlight exciting knowledge to action initiatives occurring across Ontario.

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