A Provincial Exchange

The Youth.
The Work.
The System.

Knowledge to Action
For Youth Wellbeing


KtA Exchange Themes

We invite you to join us in unpacking and exploring the following questions related to the three themes: The Youth. The Work. The System.

YouthREX has intentionally and strategically chosen to centre our first Provincial KtA Exchange on Youth Wellbeing on “The Youth. The Work. The System,”  recognizing that youth wellbeing is interconnected to what is happening with youth, within youth work as well as within larger systems and contexts.

While youth work plays a critical role in closing opportunity gaps and achieving equitable outcomes for all youth, these important contributions are the result of successfully mitigating systemic variables and challenging contexts. These three dimensions: “The Youth. The Work. The System” are neither static nor siloed from each other. Rather, they are continuously growing and developing, interdependent in some ways, occasionally in synergy, and often times in tension with each other. Keep scrolling for guiding questions for each of our three streams, and click here to read more about our Exchange objectives!

The Youth

  1. What are the issues that youth are experiencing? How are these issues impacting their lives?
  2. How do these issues impact youth that Ontario’s Stepping Up Framework identifies as facing multiple vulnerabilities?*
  3. What are innovative youth work practices happening on the frontlines to address these issues impacting the lives of youth? How do we know these interventions are working?
  4. How are youth creating ‘spaces’ for themselves to enter these conversations about their wellbeing? What are youth doing to act/resist/react to issues they are facing?

*Population groups include: racialized youth, newcomer youth, Aboriginal youth, youth with disabilities or special needs, youth in and leaving care, Francophone youth, LGBTTQ youth, youth living in rural & remote communities, youth from low-income families and youth in conflict with the law.

The Work

  1. What issues affect youth workers’ ability to do their work with youth as effectively and healthily as possible? How can we foster healthy, vibrant and meaningful work for frontline youth workers?
  2. What are innovative approaches for understanding and addressing ‘thorny’ issues youth workers are facing, such as self-care, precarious work and trauma?
  3. What are the issues around professional recognition of youth work and the education and training for youth workers?

The System

  1. How might we engage and leverage ‘systems’ to better support youth wellbeing?
  2. What models can break the silos and support a multi-sectoral approach to youth work?
  3. How does the youth sector intersect with other systems? What are good youth work practices that demonstrate a holistic, systems thinking approach? For example, how youth programs work within the larger system, and engage a range of institutions and stakeholders?

Interested in submitting a proposal?
Learn about our Exchange Objectives here and our call for proposals here.