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Our vision is an Ontario where shared knowledge is transformed into positive impact for all youth.

Our mission is to make research evidence and evaluation practices accessible and relevant to Ontario’s grassroots youth sector through capacity building, knowledge mobilization and evaluation leadership. 

Launched in December 2014, Youth Research and Evaluation Exchange (YouthREX) is an important part of Ontario’s Youth Action Plan (2012). In particular, YouthREX uses the profile of youth wellbeing that is put forward in “Stepping Up – A Strategic Framework to Help Ontario’s Youth Succeed”.

YouthREX’s mandate is focused on grassroots and youth-led organizations, especially those serving racialised youth, newcomer youth, Aboriginal youth, youth with disabilities or special needs, youth in and leaving care, Francophone youth, LGBTTQ youth, youth living in rural & remote communities, youth from low-income families and youth in conflict with the law.

Our Three Program Stream Objectives:

Knowledge Mobilization

To enhance knowledge of research and evaluation practices, tools, resources and techniques within youth-serving organizations; to leverage practical experiences and knowledge within the youth serving sector (e.g. lessons learned and promising practices) and facilitate the transfer/exchange of this knowledge across the sector. Click here for the eXchange, one of our key knowledge mobilization initiatives.

Capacity Building

To build the capacity of youth-serving organizations, in particular, small-scale/grassroots groups, to conduct their own program evaluations and improve services based on evidence. Click here to learn about our Capacity Building opportunities.

Customized Evaluation Supports

To provide direct program evaluation and data analysis services to individual youth serving organizations in particular smaller scale and grassroots groups – measuring the impact of their youth programming and identifying opportunities for improvement. Click here to learn about our Customized Evaluation Supports.

Introducing the eXchange!


One of the ways that YouthREX accomplishes our objectives is through the eXchange for Youth Work – an online hub that brings youth development knowledge from research, practice and lived experiences together in one online space, and in accessible formats making it easier for the youth sector to connect shared knowledge to their work with young people across Ontario.

The eXchange is an extension of YouthREX’s efforts and commitment towards enhancing youth wellbeing in Ontario by supporting the work of grassroots youth stakeholders and actively helping them to connect shared knowledge to youth work.