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Keynote Speakers

Daniele Zanotti
President and CEO, United Way Toronto & York Region

Its Still about “Qua”
Everything we ever needed to know about the youth, the work and the system: Lessons from my Nonna Filina – and the homeless kid at the 360ºkids

Dr. Sean Lessard
Associate Professor, Teacher Education & Aboriginal Studies, University of Alberta

Red Worn Runners:
Exploring the potential and possibilities within youth both in and outside school places.

More About Daniele Zanotti:

President and CEO of United Way Toronto & York Region, Daniele Zanotti is an effective and inspiring leader. With more than 20 years of experience in the public and non-profit sectors, Daniele’s previous role as the CEO of United Way York Region was pivotal to the historic merger of United Ways across Toronto and York Region in 2015.

Leading resource development of the first combined United Way Toronto & York Region fundraising efforts, he spearheaded a record-breaking achievement of raising $100-million to strengthen United Way’s impact across the region, reducing the gaps in inclusion, income and infrastructure.

Deeply involved in the community, Daniele sits on the Board of Directors for CivicAction, and has volunteered on the boards of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council, the Human Services Planning Board of York Region and the Vaughan Community Health Centre.

Daniele has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Toronto and Bachelor’s Degree from York University. He lives in Vaughan with his wife and two children.

More About Dr Sean Lessard:

Dr. Sean Lessard is Woodland Cree and is from Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan. Dr Lessard is a former youth worker, teacher, guidance counselor and consultant. He is known for his innovative work alongside Indigenous youth and communities in the development of educational and community programming.

Sean has earned the following academic degrees Bachelor of Education (Alberta), Master of Education (Alberta), and PhD (Alberta).

Sean works across Canada as a highly sought out speaker, facilitator and researcher. For the past three years he has served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan in Indigenous Education and Core Studies. He is the 2015 Canadian Education Association’s Pat Clifford Award for Emerging Research in the field of Education as well as the 2015 Myer Horowitz Outstanding Dissertation Award at the Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development.