A Provincial Exchange

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Knowledge to Action
For Youth Wellbeing


Poster Presentations


Posters on topics related to youth wellbeing will be displayed in the Vari Hall rotunda throughout the Exchange day.

We encourage you to take time during the morning breakfast reception and health breaks to check out the posters and connect with presenters!

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Facilitating Access, Change and Equity in Systems: “Fighting an Uphill Battle” – Consultations into the Wellbeing of Black Youth in Peel Region

Maame Debrah, United Way of Peel Region

This poster will share information on research commissioned by the F.A.C.E.S Collaborative of Peel, a collaborative of community agencies, community advocates, youth researchers, educators and front-line service providers. The research focuses on the challenges and issues faced by Black youth in Peel Region and how community strengths may be mobilized to provide opportunities and access for them.

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Not All Fish Swim Upstream

Elizabeth Buset, Canadian Mental Health Association, First Place Clinic and Regional Resource Centre

“Not All Fish Swim Upstream’ is a collaborative spray painting created by youth in Thunder Bay through workshops facilitated by Elizabeth Buset at Canadian Mental Helth Association’s First Place Clinic.

03 //
Beyond Measure? The State of Evaluation and Action in Ontario’s Youth Sector


Earlier this year, YouthREX launched the report from its province-wide study, Beyond Measure? The State of Evaluation and Action in Ontario’s Youth Sector. The report provides a ‘point-in-time’ description and analysis of evaluation issues in the youth sector, including current practices, barriers, capacities, perceptions and aspirations related to evaluation. This poster will share findings, as well as the ten recommendations shared in the report.

04 //
Giving Youth their Say: The Youth and Family Perspective on Mental Health and Addiction Services across Eastern Ontario

Dr. Isabelle Ares, The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre

Involving youth and their families is key to developing mental health and addiction services that meet their needs. Findings shared in this poster underscore the value of youth and family input to ensure appropriate services. Providers’ perspectives of their services do not always align with those of the youth and families they serve.

05 //
Engaging At-Risk Youth in a Family Program

Joanne Brown, Parent Action on Drugs (PAD)

Can you get at-risk youth to commit to a program with their parents? This presentation shows the experience of diverse partners in urban, rural and remote Ontario regions in successfully engaging youth and parents in an evidence-based curriculum, Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth, resulting in significant positive family changes.

06 //
Collaborating to Implement a Youth Engagement Initiative

Alison Baxter, Oolagen Youth Mental Health/Delisle Youth Services

This poster presentation shares the steps taken by Oolagen Youth Mental Health staff members to plan and implement a youth engagement initiative within their organization. Through youth engagement, youth who come into contact with the treatment system are given the opportunity to move beyond the role of client and become an integral part of decision making in youth serving organizations through youth advisory groups, acting as consultants and participating on Boards of Directors.