A Provincial Exchange

The Youth.
The Work.
The System.

Knowledge to Action
For Youth Wellbeing


Stream One: Workshops


Attendees will each be able to pick one workshop to attend at the Exchange.
Each workshop is 60 minutes long and are deeper, more interactive dives into
specific topics related to youth wellbeing.

Where possible, digital copies of presentations will be available after the Exchange.

01 //
Youth Engagement in Mental Health Agencies

Muna Mohamed, Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health

The Centre of Excellence’s Youth Engagement services supports Ontario’s child and youth mental health agencies to more meaningfully and authentically engage young people. This presentation showcases the Theory of Change and the suites of services offered to help agencies move along the continuum of engagement towards more meaningful engagement. The presentation will provide an overview of the Centre’s Youth Engagement services, while also delving into the associated theories, principles and implementation components that frame our youth engagement work.

02 //
Community Healers Project Self-Care Support Circle for Youth Workers

Amahla Johnson, 

Amahla will lead a shortened participatory demonstration of a Community Healers self-care support circle for frontline youth workers, which will include a group introduction activity, discussion, and guided meditation. In this workshop, participants will explore the emotional tension inherent in trying to honour young people’s realities while satisfying the abstracted outcomes desired by institutions.

03 //
McCain Model of Youth Engagement

Joanna Henderson & Gloria Chaim, CAMH

The workshop will review an evolving youth-adult partnership model used by the McCain Centre for Child, Youth & Family Mental Health at CAMH. To illustrate, youth and adult team members will present and discuss three projects developed at the Centre demonstrating varying types of youth engagement.

04 //
Youth Wisdom: Hearing Youth Perspectives on System Change

Emma Blue, London Youth Advisory Council

The wisdom of childhood and youth can provide the creative disruption needed to shift our most rigid systems. However, young people don’t always express their ideas for systems change in ways familiar to institutions and adults. Join us to learn how to notice the way youth share their change ideas.

05 //
Young and Trans: What You Need to Know About Supporting Trans Youth

Vincent Bolt, TG Innerselves/Sudbury Action Centre for Youth

This workshop will cover some of the challenges that trans youths experience when accessing services, as well as challenges that trans youths experience at work, school, and at home. Vincent will share examples of what has worked for TG Innerselves in supporting trans youth , as well as delve into how to create more inclusive and affirming policies.

06 //
Building from Within: How to Support Youth to Create Meaningful Change

Ocean Avriel & Sarah Mughal, Jack.org

This applied workshop will highlight our approach at Jack.org in supporting youth-led, community-driven advocacy work across Canada. We’ll demonstrate our comprehensive leadership training and capacity building strategies designed to put youth at the centre of mental health change-making. We’ll also present the evidence behind our approach and learnings from practice.

07 //
Jessie’s Talk (Community Education Program)

Liora Sobel & Linda Cardoso, June Callwood Centre for Young Women

Jessie’s Talks provide community education around teen pregnancy, healthy sexuality and decreasing stigmatization. Join us for a unique session where you will learn how we enable youth to use their lived experience to create innovative impact within the youth sector. We will share our methodology and you will hear the personal experiences directly from our youth.

08 //
Addressing Power Inequality through Collaborative Positioning and Narrative Approach

Jia Yao & Amy Druker, Oolagen

This workshop aims to explore taken-for-granted assumptions in our work with youth, especially how we position ourselves and collaborative documentation practices. Participants will try out collaborative documentation practices guided by Narrative Therapy, as well as hear from youth about what has been helpful/not helpful and their hopes for the future.

09 //
LGBTQ Youth Doing it for Themselves: Developing a Youth-Led Anti-Homo/Bi/Transphobia Social Marketing Campaign

Sylvan Tang and Carolyn Wu, Planned Parenthood

The youth engagement model of the LGBTQ Youth Initiative’s anti-homo/bi/transphobia social marketing campaign will be shared, including innovative techniques used to collectively create a campaign concept, and design a sitemap, wireframes and content for the website. There will be opportunities to troubleshoot your own youth engagement processes.

10 //
Indigenous Harm Reduction

Robbyn Zwaigenbaum & Melissa Compton, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

Substance use in the Native community is a contentious issue because of centuries of colonialization. However, the isolation that Native youth experience as a result of this dynamic has resulted in many recent deaths due to alcohol poisoning, overdoses and violence. Harm Reduction groups are imperative for the health of this community and foster an environment where Native youth can attend to create their own community, have access to their Culture and learn vital knowledge that has saved lives. This workshop will provide participants with a working knowledge of the issues facing urban Native youth and a framework on how to conduct Intergenerational trauma-informed psycho-educational groups within the context of safety planning.