Launching the eXchange

We are very excited to introduce the eXchange to you!

The eXchange is an online hub with a mission that is focused on connecting shared knowledge to youth work. You can visit the eXchange anytime and find hundreds of intentionally curated and created resources focused on youth work, all in one place.

Here at YouthREX, we believe we have much to learn from each other, and the worlds of research, practice and experience – all of the content on the eXchange has been developed or chosen with this in mind!

You’ll find evidence that validates your youth work and connects it with a wider knowledge base. You’ll discover tools and strategies that will give you and the youth you work with some new ideas. Or maybe you’ve done your own research, shared it with us, and now it’s featured on the eXchange!

The eXchange has three main features:

  • The Library for Youth Work: Explore hundreds of diverse resources for a diverse youth sector
  • The Evaluation Toolkit: Understand the legacy of your work with youth
  • Online Learning Community (Coming soon!)

…..and more!

We hope you will join us at the eXchange, share your feedback, your knowledge, resources you’ve created or found helpful of your work. This is just our launch – we’ll be adding content and new features in an ongoing basis so please stay tuned and keep visiting!

The eXchange welcome video was created for YouthREX by Linetest
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