MAY 26 | Webinar Recap: YouthREX’s Customized Evaluation Supports

YouthREX’s Customized Evaluation Supports meets grassroots organizations where their evaluation capacity is at. While grassroots organizations share many similarities, our CES approach recognizes that all organizations are unique, have different histories, work in different contexts and have staff with varying capacity.

On May 26, we hosted a webinar to help participants learn more about our Customized Evaluation Supports (CES) for grassroots youth sector organizations!

YouthREX offers free one-on-one program evaluation supports for grassroots youth sector organizations across Ontario through our five regional hubs. This model enables YouthREX to ground our evaluation work in an understanding of the local realities in which Ontario’s youth organizations work. Our CES services support grassroots youth sector organizations to better understand the outcomes of their programs and to develop and implement evaluation plans that track, measure and share the impact of their work with youth.

In this webinar, we walked participants through our service delivery model. From our service pledge and “discovery meetings”, to the development and implementation of an evaluation service plan, we discussed how we ground our values in practice and support the evaluation of more than 70 youth programs across Ontario.


1. Webinar Slides
This is the slide deck for this webinar.

2. YouthREX’s CES Process
This model is a guide to give you an idea of how the CES process could look. However, we know that step-by-step processes don’t always work perfectly or in sequence.  We will work closely with you to create and implement an evaluation plan that fits your needs, meeting you where you are.

3. YouthREX’s CES Pledge
We are committed to providing you with excellent Customized Evaluation Supports (CES) that reflect the six standards that make up our Service Pledge.

4. Logic Model Template
This template provides space to fill out a logic model, as well as definitions of common words used when discussing logic models.

5. Assessing Your Readiness for Evaluation
This tool, from the Evaluation Toolkit by Magnet Schools, can be used to elicit and address beliefs and attitudes about evaluation. If you are concerned that many participants may hold negative beliefs and attitudes, you can address these from the start.

6. Identifying Stakeholders and their Roles Worksheet
This worksheet, from The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University, is intended to guide evaluators and program personnel in reflection and decision making around involving stakeholders in an evaluation.

7. Knowledge Mobilization Planning Toolkit
This form, from the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, can help you think through different ways to mobilize knowledge and create a solid plan for moving ahead.

8. Webinar: YouthREX’s Framework for Evaluating Youth Wellbeing
This webinar was dedicated to YouthREX’s evaluation framework. In it we discussed the purpose and vision of the Framework and examined its three guiding lenses: learning-focused, youth engaged, and contextualized methods

Dr. Jessica Wiese
Senior Manager of Evaluation, YouthREX

Jessica supports our regional hubs across Ontario to build evaluation capacity in the grassroots youth sector, make research accessible, and engage youth in the research process. Jessica has extensive experience working on community-based and youth sector research projects. Previously, Jessica was the research coordinator of a university-based poverty research group where she coordinated community-university research partnerships and projects, and managed several multi-year process and outcome evaluations of programs aimed at marginalized and vulnerable youth populations.

Vivian Oystrick
Manager of the Northeastern Regional Hub, YouthREX

Vivian has over 15 years experience in the child welfare sector as both a Case Manager and Supervisor at the Children’s Aid Society of the District of Sudbury and Manitoulin.  Vivian also facilitated many arts-based mindfulness intervention groups as part of Dr. Diana Coholic’s (Academic Director, Northeastern Hub) research team. She has a passion for enhancing resilience in vulnerable youth. Vivian is excited to work collaboratively with youth sector organizations to help build capacities in the hopes of improving outcomes for children and youth in Ontario.

Lisa Barleben
Manager of the Eastern Regional Hub, YouthREX

Lisa has extensive youth sector experience from a young age: she was a youth participant on a peer to peer level with a Children’s Aid Society youth advocacy group and has since worked in small town youth centres and served on local and national board of directors of youth serving organizations (and still does), along with many working committees and advisory groups.

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