MAY 28 | Webinar: 10 Ways to Meaningfully Engage Underrepresented Youth

When engaging youth, we often focus on how we can support youth to be prepared and ready to work in organizational settings and/or with adults. But what about adult and organizational preparedness to work with youth?

Thank you to everyone who participated in our webinar on Thursday, May 28th from 10am-11:30am, featuring Amy Hosotsuji and Rebecca Houwer with Duane Hall in our second webinar!

This webinar provided valuable insight on how to authentically work with underrepresented, marginalized youth so that you/your organization can effectively develop, inspire and nurture youth leadership and engagement. Based on her extensive experience working with youth from diverse communities, Amy Hosotsuji, Coordinator of the Grassroots Youth Collaborative, and Duane Hall, Events Curator and founding member of Toronto-based grassroots youth organization Spoke N’ Heard share 10 top strategies and key observations on this topic, including reflections and case study examples from individual, organizational, community and systemic contexts.

Amy was also joined by Rebecca Houwer, YouthREX Central ON Region Hub Manager and PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education at York University for a Q&A session. Rebecca contextualized their discussion using research she conducted on youth leadership and engagement for a Mitacs-Accelerate Graduate Research Program, with the support of community partner, For Youth Initiative.

Download our factsheet on 10 Ways to Meaningfully Engage Underrepresented Youth.


1.  Access Amy’s Prezi – 10 Ways to Meaningfully Engage Underrepresented Youth

2. Youth Engagement Adult Readiness Assessment by Youth Infusion
Hands-on assessment tool developed by Youth Infusion, a youth-led  organization in Austin, Texas whose vision is to envision, plan, build, and secure communities in which we can all actively grow and thrive.

3. Youth Engagement Toolkit by Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health and Students Commission
This interactive toolkit provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of youth engagement as a key approach to implementing comprehensive school health, provides research and rationale for practicing youth engagement, and provides a how-to resource of effective practices to support youth engagement.

4. Arts & Equity Toolkit by Neighbourhood Arts Network
Practical tools and resources for artists and groups working towards equity in the arts. Also a very practical guide to learning more about marginalization, representation and equity within Toronto.

5. Apathy is Boring: The Youth Friendly Intergenerational Guide to Making Partnerships
The Youth Friendly Guide provides the principles for intergenerational partnerships and guidelines on how to make organizations, meetings and documents youth friendly. It includes information on building connections between younger and older youth. After briefly describing youth participation, it shows how youth and adults can work together and create a youth friendly organization in a step by step process.

6. An Asset-Builder’s Guide to  Youth Leadership by the Search Institute
This hands-on workbook provides tools, ideas, tips, and suggestions for nurturing developmental assets for and with young people through leadership opportunities.

7. The Power of Transformative Youth Leadership: A Field Analysis of Youth Organizing in Pittsburgh
Prepared for The Heinz Endowments’ Education Program by the Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing in partnership with the Movement Strategy Center in Pittsburg.

Amy Hosotsuji 
Coordinator, Grassroots Youth Collaborative
Facilitator and Consultant

Rebecca Houwer
Central ON Region Hub Manager, YouthREX
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education, York University

Amy has extensive experience working in the grassroots youth sector, as a youth, and directly with youth. Most recently, she has led the expansion and capacity-building efforts of the Grassroots Youth Collaborative (GYC), providing mentoring to young entrepreneurs and advocating for greater opportunities and support for all young changemakers. Amy was recently featured in the Toronto Star as a leader in youth organizing.

Rebecca is a passionate community-based researcher, organization and program developer, and educator. She has worked in the youth sector in multiple cpacities, including front-line service provision, administration and research and evaluation. Along with her role at YouthREX, Rebecca is also pursuing a PhD, researching the theory and practice of sustainability in higher education and community engaged scholarship.

Duane Hall
Events Curator, Spoke N’ Heard

Duane Hall is an artist, social change agent and youth worker who is passionate about utilizing a more creative approach to mental health. His desire is to use his talents and ideas to spark an evolution of consciousness that will impact, empower and inspire humanity.

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