Youth Measures Inventory

An inventory of youth-friendly and open access measures
to evaluate youth programs

Outcome Evaluation Measures

The inventory is organized using the 7 themes and 20 outcomes of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) Stepping Up framework. It goes very well with the YouthREX Evaluation Toolkit for Youth Programs.

Health and Wellness
– Adolescent Mental Health Continuum-Short Form | PDF
– Adolescent Well-Being Questionnaire | PDF
– General Self-Efficacy Scale | PDF

Strong, Supportive Friends & Family
– Inventory of Parents and Peer Attachment | PDF

Education, Training & Apprenticeships
– Patterns of Adaptive Learning Scale | PDF
– School Attitudes Assessment Survey | PDF

Employment & Entrepreneurship
Coming Soon

Civic Engagement & Youth Leadership
– Civic Engagement Scale | PDF | WORD
– Youth Leadership Life Skills Development Scale | PDF | WORD

Diversity, Safety and Social Inclusion
– Appreciation of Cultural & Ethnic Diversity | PDF
– Social Connectedness Scale-Revised | PDF
– Children’s Self-Efficacy in Peer Interactions | PDF

Coordinated & Youth Friendly Communities
– Child & Youth Friendly Communities | PDF
– Neighborhood Environment Walkability Scale-Youth | PDF

* This is a work in progress. We will be updating it frequently so please come back often!