Northeastern Hub: NOISE Program Recap

Being a part of the NOISE program made me realize that people of any age can change the community for the better. And I never really realized how easy it is to make friends.” 

Letoya (Youth Participant)

The Northeastern Hub NOISE program recently wrapped up for the first time, so Karen Garneau, YouthREX NOISE Program Facilitator and MSW Student, and Vivian Oystrick, YouthREX Northeastern Hub Manager wrote this recap of reflections and highlights. Check it out!

Through this program, youth learned how to develop research questions, collect research data, share their findings, and make recommendations based on their findings. By creating this learning opportunity for young people, movement towards community connections and life-long success is strengthened. Through this process youth learned about the power of research in changing their community for the better, and as leaders how they could influence change by working together to address issues that are impacting them.

These incredible young people, with dedication and incredible energy, generated ideas and discussions from which they developed projects that are valuable to their community.

To me NOISE is a reminder that the only thing holding us back is not working with and respecting each other. We can all generate the skills to do great research, and with that knowledge we can go on to achieve anything we put our minds to. Every young person that attended the course brought something different that will hopefully show them that we all have something to offer. In a world where technology is allowing for greater connectivity and access than ever before, we can use this to make real change. You can’t ignore what young people have to say, and these guys can be leaders in relaying that message. 

– Matt (BSW Student/facilitator)

Over the course of this 14-week program the youth formed three groups in which they researched issues that interested them.

Youth Mental Health

Findings from the Youth Mental Health Survey informed the development of a video aimed at improving the awareness of mental health services and supports available to youth in Northeastern Ontario.

Youth Activities

Findings from the Youth Activities survey are being used to inform the development of an App that will provide information to youth about what services and events are available to them in the Sudbury community.

Youth Art Connect

Findings from the Youth Art Connect survey will be used to inform existing art programs for youth in Sudbury.

‘You’re Not Alone’ is a video created by the NOISE participants featuring the youth mental health resources in the Northeastern Hub community . For the links to the resources listed in the video click here

Great things were expected of these youth and they all exceeded expectations. To work with these future leaders was truly a wonderful and rewarding experience.


Karen Garneau (MSW Student/NOISE Program Facilitator) and Vivian Oystrick (Northeast Hub Manager)

To learn more about the New Opportunities for Student Engagement (NOISE) program, click here

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