Sept 29 | Webinar Recap: Bridging Programs: Pathways to Equity in Post-Secondary Education

Participation in post-secondary education (PSE) enhances the quality of life and wellbeing of individuals, communities, and societies overall. Unfortunately, certain groups of young people are underrepresented in PSE. Bridging programs have the potential to respond to the many and often overlapping challenges underrepresented youth face by providing individualized and alternative pathways for entrance, persistence, and attainment of PSE credentials.

In this webinar, we engaged with the multiple dimensions that contribute to equitable PSE access.  We reviewed the evidence related to successfully bridging youth facing barriers into PSE, and heard about strategies for promoting equity in PSE.

This webinar featured Dr. Sarah Todd, YouthREX Eastern Hub Academic Director and Associate Professor of Social Work at Carleton University, Jacqueline Stol, YouthREX Eastern Hub Research Assistant and MSW student, Susan Burhoe, Program Coordinator at the Centre for Initiatives in Education at Carleton University, and Natalie Lowry, former Enriched Support Program student at Carleton University.


1. Webinar Slides
This is the slide deck for this webinar.

2. Bridging Programs: Pathways to Equity in Post-Secondary Education
The purpose of this report is to review the evidence related to how well existing PSE bridging programs support and enable underrepresented youth to access, persist, and complete a PSE program.

3. Research Summary: Bridging Programs: Pathways to Equity in Post-Secondary Education
This Research Summary accompanies YouthREX’s latest Research to Practice report, highlighting what the youth sector needs to know in just 6 questions.

4. Creating A Successful Bridging Program: A “How To” Guide
This toolkit is a “How To” guide for creating successful bridging programs. It features ten worksheets that are focused on various topics including Process Maps, Planning for Student Assessment, Curriculum Checklists, Career Planning and more.

5. Enriched Student Program, Carleton University
The Enriched Support Program and the Aboriginal Enriched Support Program are programs designed to help you start university now while bridging to degree admission.

6. Don’t Quit on Me: What Young People Who Left School Say about the Power of Relationships
This report examines, from the perspective of young people themselves, the roles that relationships with adults and peers play in decisions about staying in, leaving and returning to high school.

7. Toolkit for Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth with Crown Ward Status
The Toolkit for Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth with Crown Ward Status has been developed to assist Children’s Aid Society Workers and CAS caregivers to better understand the school system and to work in partnership with school boards while supporting youth with Crown Ward status.

8. Make Some NOISE: New Opportunities For Innovative Student Engagement
The New Opportunities for Innovative Student Engagement (NOISE) project is a research-informed model for enhancing the academic success of youth from the Jane/Finch community and York University Social Work students through engaged learning opportunities that energize and support their civic engagement and psycho-social well-being.

Dr. Sarah Todd
Academic Lead, YouthREX’s Eastern Hub, Associate Professor in Social Work, Carleton University

Sarah’s scholarship and research focus on progressive social work education, theories of practice, gender and sexuality, and community work.  She is particularly concerned with how professional practices sustain relations of dominance and in enriching social work theory and practice to unsettle these dynamics.  Sarah has been co-applicant on a number of research projects focusing on the impacts of new managerialism on progressive social work education and supporting the development of social work curriculum in the Dominican Republic.  In 2015 she became principal investigator for a project linking a private sector tech firm with a national youth organization to develop digital tools for collecting sign in data from youth.

Jackie Stol
Carleton University MSW Student and YouthREX Research Assistant

Jackie is a Research Assistant for YouthREX’s Eastern Hub, helping to write Research to Practice papers for Ontario’s youth sector. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work at Carleton University. She often volunteers, works and researches in areas of marginalization, anti-oppression, community development, youth and mental health.

Susan Burhoe
Program Coordinator, Centre for Initiatives (CIE) in Education at Carleton University

Susan is the Program Coordinator at the Centre for Initiatives (CIE) in Education at Carleton University. CIE is home to the Enriched Support Program and Aboriginal Enriched Support Program which allow students to start university courses in a supported learning environment while building a basis for admission to a degree. She is a graduate of Carleton University with an M.A. in History. Susan also serves on the Advisory Board for Ottawa’s Pathways to Education program and has worked with the Ottawa Crown Ward Education Championship Team. She has worked in the field of access to post-secondary education for almost 20 years.

Natalie Lowry
Former Student of the Enriched Support Program (ESP) at Carleton University

After successfully earning admission to a degree upon completing ESP, Natalie was hired as a peer mentor and then later a workshop facilitator, providing academic support to ESP students. This past June she graduated with Honours in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and has since been pursuing a career in law enforcement. While studying at Carleton, she completed placements with YOUCAN and the Church Council on Justice and Corrections. Natalie is on the third stage of the RCMP process, and while she patiently waits for her background investigation to go through, she has been investing her time obtaining the requirements needed to apply to the Canadian Border, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police service.

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