Jan 31 Webinar Recap: Game On – Sport Participation as a Vehicle for Positive Development for Youth Facing Barriers

January 31, 2017 | 10:00am – 11:00am EST

Sport is the most popular extra-curricular activity for youth across Canada.

On January 31, 2017, Corliss Bean, YouthREX’s Research and Evaluation Specialist, Bridgette Estrela, Director of Partnerships and Programming at MLSE LaunchPad, and Gabriela Estrada and Meaghan Marton from Motivate Canada, joined us for a conversation about the importance of leveraging sport programs as an avenue to foster positive youth development. This webinar includes an overview of YouthREX’s recently released report, Game On: Sport Participation As A Vehicle For Positive Development For Youth Facing Barriers, including evidence-based strategies and recommendations about how to intentionally develop life skills and foster youth development through participation in sport and physical activity programs. You’ll also learn about MLSE’s LaunchPad initiative, including its goals, development, and program model. Finally, Gabriela and Meaghan discuss how physical activity and sport can contribute to the positive development of girls and young women. Finally, they provide insight into the barriers and facilitators of participation based on their applied experiences.

Download a copy of the webinar slides here.

Corliss Bean
Research and Evaluation Specialist
YouthREX Provincial Office

Corliss Bean is a Research and Evaluation Specialist at YouthREX. As well as being a YouthREX team member, Corliss is a doctoral student at the University of Ottawa where her research focus is in positive youth development, and specifically, the development, implementation, and evaluation of youth programs, with a particular focus on sport and physical activity. She has several years of experience in conducting process and outcome evaluations and working with community-based youth organizations to build capacity around youth programming. Moreover, she has worked with two national sport organizations in the development and evaluation of various programs, including the development of curricula and a training program for program leaders and instructors to build their capacity around teaching life skills through sport.

Bridgette Estrela
Director of Partnerships and Programming
MLSE LaunchPad

Bridgette Estrela is a community investment strategist and leader in the not-for-profit sector. Bridgette has devoted over nine years focused on positive youth development by supporting the investment of resources in programs focused on arts, culture, sport and recreation. Bridgette joined the MLSE Foundation in 2010 leading the revitalization of sport/recreation facilities and the development of youth focused sport programs across the City of Toronto on behalf of the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto FC. As a solution-based thought leader, Bridgette was one of the first champions behind the creation and development of the MLSE LaunchPad – the first facility in North America dedicated to positive youth development through the intentional use of sport combined with education and research to address social issues. Bridgette strongly believes that creative collaborative approaches are key to healthy community building and youth development and has implemented this approach when building the guiding principles for MLSE LaunchPad

Gabriela M Estrada
Facilitator, Motivate Canada
Program Director, keeponmovingTO

Gabriela (Gaby) Estrada is a graduate of the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) with a BA in Anthropology and a Double Minor in Linguistics and English. She currently works full-time with the Department of Athletics & Recreation at UTSC as a Program Assistant, where she manages groups of student staff and volunteers that work collaboratively in engaging students in physical activity, as well as teaching them the benefits in doing so. Gaby is a huge advocate for getting females involved in sport, recreation, and physical activity: she currently coaches one of UTSC’s women’s soccer teams, is a volunteer physical activity ambassador in elementary schools, and runs a female youth physical literacy program in East Scarborough called KEEPONMOVING T.O. (KOM). Gaby had the honour of being one of Motivate Canada’s first 15 female facilitators trained in November 2014 for the Female Physical Literacy Project, which led to the creation of her girl’s group. KOM has been one of Gaby’s greatest accomplishments, where the pilot program was only meant to be 8 weeks long yet is still running to date (1.5 years and counting). Beyond this, Gaby is a certified personal trainer and an avid athlete – sweat and mud is her favourite combination. She hopes to redefine what it means to be a female athlete by engaging and inspiring as many female youth as possible to get moving and be active.

Meaghan Marton
Facilitator, Motivate Canada

Meaghan Marton is a graduate from the University of Windsor Psychology & Women’s studies program and has been involved with Motivate Canada since the fall of 2014. She was selected as a participant in the Female Physical Literacy Program in 2014 and ACTIVATE National Forum in 2015. In 2016, Meaghan volunteered as an ACTIVATE leader to co-facilitate four ACTIVATE leadership forums across the province. She is dedicated to inspiring youth to realize their power to make a difference in the world and believes that sport and physical activity are an amazing platform to bring about change. Thought the ACTIVATE program Meaghan has developed a youth boxing program in Windsor, ON at Border City Boxing Club and has taught and coached over 50 youth in the past year. The program incorporates the sport of boxing to get low-income kids out of the house and active in a non-traditional sport! The program also helps encourage youth to be confident and comfortable in their own bodies!