Shaun Leamy

Member, Youth Advisory Council

Life is about balance. Find your balance, so that no matter how thin the rope is, you will be able to make it across to the other side.  – Shaun Leamy

Shaun is a 3rd year student at Sheridan College studying to be a Child and Youth Care Worker. As a part of his program, he completed eight months of placement at a private school. During his placement he would help students with their work, behaviour management and relationship building skills. This summer will be his second time working at a summer camp, which allows him to engage, motivate and build positive relationships with youth.


After he graduates, he will pursue a career in helping youth, not only in his community, city and country, but across the world as well. He will also create a program that gives youth who have a passion for music the opportunity to create, explore and develop their own music, sounds, talents and skills.