Aug 27 | Education by Whom? Forging Equitable Partnerships between Formal & Informal Educators

How can community-based youth workers and school systems work better together in order to improve youth educational outcomes?

On Thursday August 27, 2015, YouthREX’s Central Ontario Hub is hosting an afternoon session at the York Centre for Education and Community’s Summer Institute.

The theme of our session is: Education by Whom? Forging Equitable Partnerships between Formal and Informal Educators. Here at YouthREX, we know that out-of school time can greatly impact in-school time. Community-based expanded learning opportunities offered through afterschool programs can play a significant role in closing educational outcome gaps. However, this work is often invisible and suffers from lack of coordination and collaboration with formal education systems. We want to explore the relationships between grassroots youth organizations, youth workers and schools: how can we work better together to improve how youth engage with and succeed in formal education?

Join us afterwards for a reception that will include a number of Ontario grassroots youth organizations sharing the valuable work they do.

Dr. Dana Fusco
Professor and Chair,
Teacher Education, CUNY

Jermaine Henry
Youth Worker, Community Developer and  Young Leader

Dr. Fusco is an international scholar and recognized youth worker expert who will give a keynote presentation.

Jermaine will provide insight from his perspective as a young leader and facilitate part of the afternoon.

Click here to read an interview with Jermaine on his perspectives about grassroots  youth work, educational attainment and collaborating with schools in Toronto.

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