We want to hear about all the amazing, innovative and meaningful work happening in grassroots groups/organization in the youth sector all across Ontario!


Thank you to all the amazing organizations that entered this year’s Yell the Truth contest! We loved reading all of your submissions and are inspired by the commitment and passion you all have for supporting youth in your communities.

We are happy to announce the 10 winning submissions! These were chosen based on a variety of factors including: submission quality/content, geography, desired prize and sustainability of the organization.

We will still be reaching out to those who submitted but are not listed here to see if we can support your organizations in other capacities.

Stay tuned for more updates on #YelltheTruth. While the contest is over (for now!) please keep letting us know how your org yells YOUR truth via Instagram @yellthetruth and Twitter, @REXforYouth.

Eastern ON

“We impact young people by creating opportunities for youth to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be effective civic actors so that they can create meaningful opportunities with these skills and have an impact on their communities. “

Eastern ON

“Whether it be in athletics, arts, academics, or other areas, disadvantaged youth will be provided with support, inspiration, and mentorship in pursuing their interests. In this way, youth will be given the opportunity to be who and what they would like to be, regardless of socioeconomic barriers. “

Southwestern ON

“We recognize that there is no one singular definition of engagement and leadership. Instead, our purpose as the London Youth Advisory Council is to provide the tools and opportunities that allow councillors and volunteers alike to define what an engaged leader is to them, through their actions.”

FCJ Refugee Centre
Central ON

“Essentially, we work to provide under-resourced, racialized, illegalized and often invisibilized youth populations with an arena to actively participate, build skills and find their collective voice to speak out against issues directly impacting them. .”

F-You: The Forgiveness Project
Central ON

“In a world filled with anger and resentment, it becomes easy to harden our hearts to the idea of letting go. Forgiveness is not permission, or predisposed justification – it is the release of detrimental feelings, thoughts and emotions that can consume us. “

Northeastern ON

“Sudbury Youth Rocks Program is run by a group of volunteers dedicated to assisting young people by using their experience as musicians to teach not only music, but life skills, self-esteem, positive peer pressure and community service.”

Volunteer YA!
Southwestern ON

“Ultimately Volunteer YA! works to foster an environment that enables inventive and innovative thinking from youth and puts ideas into action.”

Southwestern ON

“At NGen, we are concerned with those who are often left at the margins, and want to bring them into the circle as full, equal, and loved members of our family. We seek to understand and celebrate our differences, in order to grow together as individuals and as a community.”

Central ON

“GYC positively impacts its members by providing as safe a place as possible for them to be their whole selves, where we discuss the realities of this challenging work, celebrate our achievements and provide a shoulder or lending hand to each other in times of need.”

Toronto Emerging ARTivists (TEA)
Central ON

“As youth from newcomer communities, we straddle intergenerational cultural divides – particularly when it comes to social or environmental activism. We are Torontonians, but our experiences are different from our Canadian-born peers. This makes our approach to advocacy, and community engagement unique.”