Callout for TTC 2023 Annual Service Plan Youth Ambassador Team


As part of the public engagement process for its 2023 Annual Service Plan (ASP), the TTC is looking to recruit, train and support a diverse team of up to seven youth (between the ages of 18 – 29) to engage their peers and other members of their community about the 2023 ASP. With the support of the TTC and an independent third-party engagement team (Third Party Public), the role of the 2022 Youth Ambassador Team will be to design, deliver and document engagement processes with individuals and communities in proximity to and those using surface transit routes (bus/streetcar) in the five focus areas for the 2023 ASP. The feedback collected by the Youth Ambassador Team will complement broader public engagement and will help inform TTC decision-making on proposed service initiatives for 2023.

The 2023 Youth Ambassador Team builds on a similar, successful program that the TTC led for its 2021 and 2022 ASPs. The Youth Ambassador Team is one way the TTC is fulfilling its commitment to bring an equity lens to its service planning — as identified in its 5-Year Service Plan and 10-Year Outlook — by:

  • taking a deliberate approach to engage youth aged 18 – 29, a demographic often under-represented in city-building discussions.

  • providing paid work and skill development opportunities to youth who live, study, work and/or volunteer in areas impacted by the 2023 ASP initiatives.

Roles and Responsibilities

Youth Ambassadors will:

  1. Engage and seek feedback from their communities over a period of about three weeks (using methods that follow public health recommendations).

  2. Participate in a virtual briefing session.

  3. Attend weekly check-in meetings.

  4. Work with an engagement specialist team (Third Party Public) to develop and implement a work plan they think would best reach youth and the three priority audiences who continued to use the TTC during the pandemic (women, shift workers, and people with low-income).

  5. Strive to engage and seek feedback from a minimum of 40 people over a three-week period. Participants should be comprised of at least 50% of the following demographics: youth below 29 years old, women, shift workers and low-income TTC customers.

  6. Document, summarize and present the results of their engagement to the project team.

Third Party Public will train and support the Youth Ambassador Team, whose work will run from October to early-December, 2022.

Canada October 2, 2022

11:59 pm

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