Advancing Anti-Racism Strategies in Ontario’s Youth Sector


This online workshop will draw on an anti-racism and anti-Black racism perspective to examine social justice, systemic change and resistance in Ontario’s youth sector.

We will explore strategies promoted as part of anti-racism efforts such as critical reflexivity, organizational accountability and Black youth capacity building, and interrogate their applicability to racial justice and Black youth wellbeing.

We will expand the dialogue on change and resistance and delve beyond acceptable and approved strategies, which may inadvertently reinforce existing settler-colonial norms.

The workshop appeals to risky truth-telling, creativity and innovation in the development of practices and policies centered on Black communities’ – and other racialized communities’ – notions of freedom and wellbeing.

The workshop will be facilitated by Maria Bernard, a doctoral candidate at the School of Social Work at York University, and will feature a guest presentation by Peter Amponsah, Associate Dean of the School of Community Studies at Sheridan College.

Online August 9, 2022

1:00 pm

- 3:00 pm

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