Asking About Gender: Confronting Assumptions and Challenging Transphobia


When we collect demographic information about youth, how can we ensure that our gender menus make space for all gender identities? How do the questions we ask about gender reflect assumptions that can perpetuate harm and reproduce transphobia?

The way we ask about gender matters. We all want to be acknowledged for who we are – to be respected, and to be referred to accurately and appropriately. In order to respect all youth, we must ensure that the way we ask about gender reflects the diversity of our lived realities.

Join YouthREX and LGBT YouthLine for this interactive webinar to interrogate and challenge how we understand gender and how we engage with gender in our youth work.

Together, we will:

  • confront the ‘problem’ with gender;
  • expand our definitions and understandings of gender;
  • interrogate assumptions inherent to the gender binary; and
  • determine how we can challenge transphobia in our practice.

We will also explore Asking About Gender: A Toolkit for Youth Workers, developed by YouthREX and LGBT YouthLine. This resource will support you to apply these learnings to your work, specifically in the development of gender menus that will accurately capture information about your program participants – and reflect to youth that your programming is inclusive of diverse gender identities.

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Online April 21, 2022

1:00 pm

- 2:30 pm

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