Building a Mentoring Movement in Canada: Canadian Mentoring Symposium 2020

Canadian Mentoring Partnership

The symposium will feature unique networking opportunities, inspired keynote presentations and thought-provoking panels. Join as we build momentum in the mentoring space and ignite powerful dialogues on:

  • Thought-Leadership: Engage in discussions to build a Pan-Canadian mentoring strategy.
  • Research: Learn about the state of mentoring in Canada, through presentations of the findings of Canada’s first-ever State of Mentoring Research Study.
  • Impact: Build a collective impact initiative with cross-sector influence and collaboration to scale and support quality mentoring programs across Canada.
  • Awareness: Strengthen the collective voice to advocate for mentoring young people in Canada and to increase access to mentors across the country.
  • Solutions: Influence systems change for how mentoring programs and organizations access resources, supports, training and research. Consider how technology can be used to develop and expand quality mentoring programs for distinct populations, remote communities and other groups.

Symposium activities are scheduled from Tuesday, March 24th to Thursday, March 26th. Click on the Learn More link for all of the details.

Ottawa March 25, 2020

7:30 am

- 9:00 pm

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