Communities Building Youth Futures National Gathering

Tamarack Institute

Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) is a five-year pan-Canadian project to work with up to 13 communities to develop system-wide solutions for supporting youth as they build and act upon plans for their future. Working in partnership with the Government of Canada, through the Goal Getters program, Tamarack Institute is committed to improving outcomes for youth who face barriers as they pursue their education and transition to employment and understands that this work requires collaborative, community-championed solutions with youth leadership and youth engagement.

Goals for the National Gathering:

  • Bring together 400 attendees to create connections between communities, with National Collaborative, youth-serving organizations, and learners
  • Amplify youth voice through event planning, workshop presentation, and participation
  • Provide skills development and community coaching sessions
  • Inform policy and systems change opportunities
  • Inspire through stories and emerging practices from communities

This virtual gathering is open to everyone. It will host members, learners, and partners who are intentionally mobilizing to build a future where young people will thrive. Youth, community leaders, government, funders, business leaders, and youth-serving organizations will join together to learn and share emerging practices to build youth futures.

The registration rates (in Canadian dollars) are as follows:

  • $199 for a single registration
  • $175 per person for groups of 3 or more colleagues from the same collaborative attending together
  • $150 per person for groups of 5 or more colleagues from the same collaborative attending together

Click on the Learn More link for details (including exact dates and times) and to register.

Online May 6, 2021

9:00 am

- 5:00 pm

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