Economic Recovery and Resilience Fund

Youth Opportunities Fund

Strengthening the long-term economic resilience for Black children, youth, and young adults in Ontario.

On behalf of the Ministry of Citizenship & Multiculturalism, the Youth Opportunities Fund is offering one-time, two-year grants to Black-led and Black-focused organizations through the Economic Recovery and Resilience Fund.

Funding will be invested in locally-developed projects outside of the Greater Toronto Area that support Black children, youth, and young adults at different stages in their lives and careers. In alignment with the vision of the Black Youth Action Plan, projects need to help create the conditions where youth beneficiaries thrive in high-opportunity careers and build individual pathways to success.

Eligible projects need to:

  • build skills and knowledge
  • create opportunities for safe, meaningful work
  • provide access to relevant networks

We also recognize that engagement and collaboration with parents, guardians, and caregivers are fundamental in supporting children and youth in meaningful and impactful ways.

Click on the Learn More link for details and to apply!

Read more about the resources that YouthREX developed to support programs in working towards the economic empowerment of Black youth in Ontario.

Ontario September 28, 2022 Learn More

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