Grief, Loss, & Wellness Support for Youth Workers

Breakaway Community Services

Founded in January 2021, the Grief, Loss and Wellness Initiative offers supports to frontline workers, community-facing management and coordinators, and community supporters who have been impacted by the trauma and overwhelming loss of the overdose crisis. 1-1 and group support is delivered by community members and practitioners, and is free of charge.

Grief, loss and wellness supports for frontline workers, community peer supporters and community-facing management launched in Spring 2021. Breakaway recognizes the many definitions of wellness we hold, and aims to include practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds and modalities.

Free 1-1 support is currently available for frontline workers and community members who provide supports to communities that use drugs in so-called “Toronto”. Individuals are provided with 8 free sessions with the practitioner of their choice, and can be supported in accessing additional free sessions.

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May 1, 2021

12:00 am

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