Indigenous Health Conference

University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine

The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine is hosting the 2020 Indigenous Health Conference (IHC). The focus for this year’s conference is the future and how we can cultivate the youth as tomorrow’s leaders and agents of change. Topics will include youth leadership, suicide prevention, impact of colonization, murdered and missing Indigenous women, determinants of health, Indigenous ways of knowing.

Conference Objectives:

  1. Reviewing how historical factors such as colonization, and racism have had a significant impact on the current health status of Indigenous peoples.
  2. Discussing some of the major health issues for Indigenous peoples in Canada, in addition to potential solutions to address them.
  3. Discussing how to support and nurture Indigenous children and youth as future leaders.
  4. Engaging in respectful discussions on building trust to support the development of networks, partnerships and allyship.
  5. Promote Indigenous worldview and knowledge with support of the Knowledge Keepers, Healers and Elders. To understand how Indigenous ways of knowing with respect to health and well-being can be utilized in healthcare approaches for Indigenous peoples.
  6. Knowledge translation and dissemination of the most up to date health care research relevant to the health of Indigenous peoples and to provide a networking opportunity between Indigenous community members, healthcare practitioners, researchers and policymakers and the formulation of ideas for future community- based research.

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Canada December 3, 2020

9:00 am

- 5:00 pm

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