Mini-Series: Mastering The Art of Evaluation Part 3

The Sport Information Resource Centre

Part 3: Put Your Learnings into Practice – Learning From and Communicating Evaluation Findings

You carefully planned your evaluation, collected the data, and the results are in… but what do you do with the findings? This webinar will focus on how sport organizations can learn from their evaluation findings to make meaningful changes and improvements, as well as communicate the findings to stakeholders. A carefully and intentionally crafted story can be a powerful tool to share the impact of an organization’s work.

In this webinar, YouthREX’s Kathe Rogers will provide simple but important tips and strategies for turning evaluation findings into learnings that can strengthen a program and effectively sharing evaluation findings (including graphic design tips for non-designers!), internally and externally. As a practical example, Dr. Nicholas Holt will showcase PYDSportNET—an online network that links researchers with practitioners, sport organizations, parents, and coaches, and provides evidence-based resources for enhancing the sport experiences of Canadian children and adolescents. Finally, Marco Di Buono will provide insight into evaluation findings (and the ways in which they are presented) that are most relevant to funding bodies such as Canadian Tire Jumpstart, particularly in the pandemic landscape of sport and recreation programs in Canada.


  • Kathe Rogers, Program Director, Youth Research and Evaluation eXchange (YouthREX)

  • Nicholas Holt, Professor and Vice Dean, University of Alberta

  • Marco Di Buono, Assistant Vice President, Programs and Operations, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities

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Online June 2, 2021

1:00 pm

- 2:15 pm

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