National Forum on Literacy & Mental Health

Frontier College

Frontier College invites you to attend a free virtual national forum on Literacy & Mental Health in the age of COVID-19.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the literacy landscape in Canada has altered dramatically, with many schools and learner-serving organizations forced to reimagine their operations — if they were able to operate at all. Even today, as life begins return to a “new normal,” the consequences of the pandemic continue to have dramatic impacts not only on people’s literacy skills but also on their mental health.

But what is the relationship between literacy and mental health during and following the pandemic?

How can practical interventions, policy changes, and community investments in each area enhance the wellbeing and prosperity of Canadians overall?

Frontier College’s National Forum on Literacy & Mental Health will explore the link between these two quality-of-life factors. Studies indicate that improving literacy skills leads to better mental health outcomes such as:

  • Equipping children and youth with social competence skills through literacy helps them become adaptable and resilient adults who can thrive in the face of adversity.
  • Adults with low literacy may not be able to read and understand health education materials, while adults who read regularly and for pleasure have improved social-cognitive abilities and, thus, stronger mental health.

The conversation is just beginning, but Frontier College is connecting the dots; literacy skills are a key tool for supporting better mental health in individuals and communities from coast to coast to coast.

This event will be hosted in English and translated in French.

Register at the Learn More link.

Online October 5, 2022

1:00 pm

- 3:15 pm

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