NextGen Resumes Creative Self Marketing (Online Course)

CultureLink Children & Youth Centre

You have until April 24, 2020, to complete this online course. You may work through the course at your own pace.

While a traditional paper-based resume remains an important job-searching tool, its strict structured format can be limiting, and it is often not the best way to market yourself, especially if you do not have a lot of work or educational experiences in your chosen field. With an increasing number of employers turning to the internet to recruit and get employees, the traditional paper-based resume is no longer the only tool used to determine whether you are the best candidate for the job. Focusing on your unique strengths, this course will teach you how to build a personal brand to promote yourself to future employers and business partners by creating infographic and video resumes and other digital profiles.

This course has been designed with young people in mind, but the material in this course can be beneficial to those who are changing careers, teachers, settling in a new country, starting up their own business, and seeking work opportunities in creative fields. This course also provides practical tools for those who work with youth and other populations to help lead them through the self-discovery process and better articulate their strengths.

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