Non-Violent Communication Training (Arabic)

ABRAR Trauma & Mental Health Services

Non-Violent Communication training is a weekly online-based training being offered by ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health Services and facilitated by Mohammad Aldaas & Abd Alkareem Abukaf & Abrar Mechmechia. This project is funded by RisingYouth TIG.

The program will start June 26, 2021, and run on a weekly basis for 10 sessions. The time will be decided based on participants’ schedules. The program will be offered for newcomer Arabic-speaking youth, aged 16-30-years-old. Advance registration is required.

Non-violent communication allows us to connect with our feelings, listen and take care of our needs, and be able to express ourselves clearly taking into account the feelings and needs of others. We listen with more awareness and understanding to grow and heal.

If you have any questions or concerns please email abrar@abrarmh.ca.

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