Volunteers for Fundraiser BBQ

For the third year in a row, YouthLink has been selected by RONA to benefit from the Lowe’s Heroes fundraising program. Monies raised will go to programming to help severely at-risk, homeless, marginalized, youth right here, in our community.
They are for volunteers to work 5½ hours on each day you select to volunteer. Lunch and refreshments are on the house! There are 8x BBQ’s total.  One every Saturday and one every Sunday, during each weekend in September 2021. It’s guaranteed fun and relatively easy volunteer work. Not strenuous physically or mentally at all.
The events will be taking place at RONA-Golden Mile at 768 Warden Ave (a pinch south of Eglinton) in Scarborough.

Please click the Learn More link to learn about this opportunity!

Scarborough September 4, 2021

10:00 am

- 12:00 am

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