Presenters/Facilitators for Monthly Business Skill Development Virtual Workshops

Black Leaders of Tomorrow Business Mentorship Program, Roots Community Services

The Black Leaders of Tomorrow Business Mentorship Program, facilitated by Roots Community Services, is looking to recruit presenters/facilitators for their monthly Business Skill Development virtual workshops. This is a call to action to be a part of an exciting opportunity to give back to the Black youth of the GTA.

The purpose of the Black Leaders of Tomorrow program is to support the positive development of high-risk youth through access to consistent, caring adults who will support youth participants to pursue and achieve goals and outcomes related to:

-Educational achievement
-Civic engagement/leadership

Funded through OBYAP (Ontario Black Youth Action Plan), the mentorship program will also support youth participants in building a strong cultural identity. These mentorship initiatives are culturally-focused and delivered through an anti-Black racism lens.

Through the program, we aim to inspire youth to embrace their identity, make healthy and safe choices, increase resiliency, and make progress toward their identified goals, while providing opportunities for them to monetize their passion and/or talent.

Initially, the program looked at those who wanted to become entrepreneurs. We have broadened our scope to provide mentorship and skills development to prepare youth to enter the business world in whatever capacity they may choose.

A major aspect of the program is monthly Business Skill Development virtual workshops regarding the different aspects of a successfully run business. This includes but is not limited to:

Registration of a Business and different types of business structures

Financial Literacy – Budgeting, Assets & Liabilities, Raising Capital

Sales & Marketing – SWOT Analysis, Social Media Strategy & Campaigns, Branding & Market Research

Supply Chain Management – Operations & Distribution, Purchase Orders, Inventory

Human Resources – Hiring & Firing, Employee Codes of Conduct

At this time, we are looking to recruit presenters/facilitators for these workshops, primarily (but not exclusively) from the Black Business Professional community in the GTA and beyond, who can speak to these different subject areas, providing Black youth with some of the knowledge and skill-sets they need to successfully enter the business world.

Contact Nikko Burke, Assistant Program Coordinator, Black Leaders of Tomorrow Business Mentorship Program, nikko@rootscs.org.

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