Racial Equity in Education Forum: Black Community

Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators

Join Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators (ONABSE), along with various local education advocacy groups and activists, on November 23rd at 6PM to discuss the deep impact of racial inequities within the school boards across the Toronto, York, Durham, Peel regions.

This online forum is open to all concerned educators, activists, advocates, parents/guardians, students, and all members of the community who want to engage in an open dialogue about the unique systemic challenges racialized students continue to encounter in our schools. We will also discuss how the school boards across the Ontario regions can address these issues directly and immediately in order to better support our racialized students.

We invite you to join us in having an open and honest conversation about the concerns related to racism in schools in the Ontario region. We also want to collectively identify a few key recommendations for systemic change within the school boards that can result in better educational opportunities and outcomes for all our children especially our Indigenous, Black, and other racialized children in the system!

Please contact us at events@onabse.org if you have any questions or suggestions.

Online November 23, 2020

6:00 pm

- 8:00 pm

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