Roll Call: Power? Present! Youth & Anti-Oppression

New Leaf Foundation

School’s in Session! Join New Leaf Foundation and special guests for a series of conversations unpacking systemic oppression and its impact on young people. With a focus on racism, we will explore how we can play our part to shift the structures of power that cause harm. As we step into fall, we invite everyone to resist compassion fatigue and re-centre your commitment to community, youth, and activism.

Our first live event will be Roll Call: Power? Present! Youth & Anti-Oppression. In this discussion, panelists will unpack anti-Black racism and other forms of power as individual and collective trauma, exposing ways that child development, health, and wellbeing are impacted by systemic oppression. This conversation is for parents, youth, educators, youth workers, and all community members wanting to better understand the toll that racism and systems of power have on youth and communities in order to advocate for and participate in creating necessary change.

Thursday, September 24

90-minute discussion followed by 30-minute Q&A (hosted via Zoom)

Suggested Price $25 / Minimum Price $5
Free for Black and Indigenous folx

Please choose a price that best reflects your ability to pay for this event based on your individual circumstances. Proceeds, after paying the panelists and moderator, will support New Leaf Foundation’s programs.

Online September 24, 2020

7:00 pm

- 9:00 pm

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