Safe TO | Youth Justice Sector Consultation

The City of Toronto

The City of Toronto is seeking input from the Youth Justice Sector on the development of a Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan called Safe TO.

When the Safe TO plan is complete it will guide how social systems that serve Torontonians such as community services, healthcare systems, justice systems and police work together to meet community needs by changing how we think about safety.

This community dialogue will help inform the development of Safe TO in the following ways:

  • Building off of what works – Advance existing programs, strategies and policies that support vulnerable populations.
  • Addressing the gaps – Identify barriers to service access and policies that contribute to harm and victimization.
  • Partnership and Innovation – Identify the role the City can play to respond and support further capacity building, access to service and coordination/collaboration.
  • Action – Identify recommendations/actions that the City can embed into the Safe TO report from your perspective.

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Online May 3, 2021

5:00 pm

- 7:00 pm

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