Student and Family Advocates Initiative

Government of Ontario

The Student and Family Advocates (SFA) Initiative will offer community-based and culturally-relevant advocacy supports to Black students and families in:

  • the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area
  • Ottawa
  • Windsor

As a student and family advocate, you will help Black students and families find support, services, and opportunities to achieve educational, career, and life goals.

You will work directly with students and families to develop strategies for overcoming barriers to navigating school processes and systems.

Advocates may also:

  • support students and families to navigate through elementary, secondary, and postsecondary school systems
  • advocate for families during processes like disciplinary practices and parent-teacher communications
  • help students access community resources and services
  • build relationships with families inside and outside of schools
  • provide leadership, advice, and support to schools on anti-Black racism
  • cultivate positive outcomes for Black children, youth, and families in schools
  • work with community partners, participants, and schools to amplify the voices and experiences of Black students and families to activate changes in education systems

Applications can be submitted by a:

  • single organization
  • coalition
  • partnership

The lead organization applying for funding must be a legal entity. Individuals and non-legal entities are not eligible to apply.

The deadline to submit applications is October 29, 2020, at 11:59PM EST.

A complete application must include:

  • one completed application template
  • one completed budget template
  • two support letters

Click on the Learn More link for additional details and for application guidelines.

Ontario October 29, 2020 Learn More

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