Summer Canoe Trip Programs

Project Canoe

Project Canoe leads wilderness canoe trips and urban outdoor programs for 13-18 year-olds. We support youth with opportunities to build self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-love through time spent in nature with a positive community of people.

Each experience with Project Canoe allows for the opportunity to:

  • Learn something new and meet new people
  • Build a supportive community
  • Gain an appreciation for our spectacular natural environment
  • Recognize your own personal strengths
  • Gain positive adult role-models
  • Have fun outside

Our programs are low-cost or free to participate. For our canoe trips, we provide full and partial subsidies.

Enrollment Process Update:

You will notice our enrollment process has changed this year, and has been broken down into smaller pieces. The initial application form will take much less time to fill out (approx. 15 min), but it means more forms will be sent later in the process. The medical, waivers and subsidy forms have all been moved to a registration package that you will fill out after the youth meeting.

Here are our 2022 dates:

5-day Trips

  • July 1st – 5th

  • August 22nd – 26th

8-day Trips

  • July 21st – 28th

  • August  8th – 15th

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