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Lifelong Leadership Institute (LLI) & Leadership by Design (LBD)

SummerUp is an invitation to Black youth across Ontario to come together to learn, collaborate, discover, aspire, and to set a foundation for personal success. You get to accomplish all these goals by enrolling in a series of programs that are designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • to offset the pandemic-induced isolation and academic disruption that defined the 2020-21 school year,
  • to reduce the erosion of knowledge and skill that so often results from the summer break,
  • to enhance self-confidence and academic readiness going into the fall semester, and
  • to provide opportunities for leadership development.

SummerUp gives you opportunities to improve your academic performance in an enjoyable way. It’s summer learning that is challenging but not stressful. It’s summer fun but with enriching activities that will engage your imagination, touch your heart, and reinforce your self-confidence. SummerUp requires you be purposeful in choosing to enroll, and in committing to the completion of your program.

There are three categories of programs offered through SummerUp: Academic, Arts, and Aspirations.

SummerUp is designed to serve the educational needs of Ontario’s Black youth. Most programs target students who are enrolled in Grades 8 to 12 during academic year 2020-21. Admission requirements vary by program.

All SummerUp programs are free of cost to students and parents. Some programs will loan equipment to students and students are required to protect this equipment and return it at the end of the program.

Visit the website to learn more about programs available and to register.

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