User Experience (UX) Evaluation Webinar


How can evaluations of youth programs be enhanced by User Experience (UX) Design? What are emerging UX Design methods and tools for better understanding participants of youth programs?

YouthREX is excited to partner with professional information designer Chris Lysy to offer this interactive webinar on User Experience (UX) Design in the evaluation of youth programs.

An effective program evaluation ensures that the data collected, interpreted, and shared are relevant to program stakeholders.We will explore ways that UX strategies can improve the design of the process evaluation component of an evaluation of a youth program.

The webinar will pay attention to recent innovations in online platforms and software tools that enhance youth participation in a program evaluation. This webinar will be interactive and fun! Bring your challenges and questions, and be prepared to connect with other participants in an engaging session.

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Online December 1, 2021

1:00 pm

- 2:30 pm

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