Youth Matters Employment Program

Rehab Network Canada

The Youth Matters program is aimed to provide employment assistance to youth aged 30 and under that are currently facing barriers with securing sustainable employment. We are working to assist youth to develop skills, knowledge, and provide support to gain employment skills and experience.

The program includes the following

  • 4 weeks in-class training including Employment Services Phase, which is designed to develop career goals, job search skills, cover letter and resume writing, interviewing skills, etc.
  • 4 weeks in-class training including Employment Skills Training, including communication skills, teamwork, problem solving and workplace behaviour
  • Opportunity to participate in a paid 12-week quality Work Experience Phase, where the participants would be employed with a local company

Any individuals interested in the program are invited to contact us directly for further information and to initiate the screening process at 416-297-9373 ext. 221 or by email youthinfo@rnces.ca.

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Ontario February 1, 2022

12:00 am

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