Youth Measures Inventory

An inventory of youth-friendly and open access measures
to evaluate youth programs

Process Measures

This section of the inventory provides quantitative tools that can be used to assess program implementation, such as service delivery and program quality.

Pre-Evaluation Tools

Stakeholder Engagement Planning Matrix | PDF
Stakeholder Identification | PDF
Use these tools to help identify how and which stakeholders should be involved in your evaluation.

Adolescent Program Quality Survey | PDF
This questionnaire assesses program quality and is based off of the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine’s eight program setting features that have been proposed to foster positive youth development.

Learning Organization Survey | PDF
This measure can be used to assess and compare, the learning that is occurring in several areas of an organization or in different organizations

Promising Practices Rating System | PDF
This is an observational tool designed to rate research-based, promising practices in after-school programs. 

Youth Engagement Toolkit Evaluation Tool | PDF
This tool is intended to help organizations rate their youth engagement practice and understand their areas of strength and areas for improvement. By systematically considering youth engagement practice across five themes of youth engagement, participants can assess youth engagement within their organization.

Youth Involvement and Engagement Assessment Tool | PDF
This tool can assist organizations and community partnerships in determining how they involve youth in programs, whether youth are becoming more engaged in the community, and if certain strategies are helping to retain youth

Youth Program Quality Assessment (PQA) | PDF
This is an observational measure that assesses the quality of learning environments and identifies staff training needs and can be used an external assessment, internal assessment, or self-assessment. This measure is very comprehensive and provides thorough instructions and explanation of the process within the tool package.

Youth Program Quality Instrument | PDF
This questionnaire measures different aspects of program quality. The overall scale was designed to assess general youth program implementation and the associated environment.