There are so many ways to learn with us!

Are you a youth, youth organizer, frontline worker, part of a grassroots youth-serving organizations, researcher, academic, funder or policymaker? Are you invested in Ontario’s youth sector and improving youth wellbeing for all youth? We probably have something that might support the work you do for young people.

Click on the left to check out our monthly webinars, more information about the 2 courses we offer as well as our youth engagement program, NOISE! Just a heads up – our courses and NOISE are only offered at certain times each year. Stay tuned via our mailing list to find out when the next run of each course is being offered if registration isn’t open when you visit.

Don’t see what you need here? Let us know what learning opportunities you want! We also provide customizable workshops on all things related to youth work and evaluation in a youth sector context. E-mail youthrex@yorku.ca with ideas, suggestions and needs.