Asking About Gender: A Toolkit for Youth Workers


Asking About Gender: A Toolkit for Youth Workers

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This toolkit was developed by YouthREX, in partnership with LGBT YouthLine.


The way that we ask about gender is important. Every one of us wants to be acknowledged for who we are – to be respected, and to be referred to accurately and appropriately. Unfortunately, some people are regularly denied this right. Statistical evidence confirms that youth who identify as trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and Two-spirit are routinely identified by genders, names, and pronouns that they do not subscribe to, and that this has serious consequences for their safety and wellbeing.

When our gender menus fail to make space for all gender identities, we continue to perpetuate harm against youth whose identities fall outside of the gender binary. In order to respect all youth, we must ensure that the way we ask about gender reflects the diversity of our lived realities.

This toolkit breaks down assumptions about gender and provides youth workers with an example of an inclusive gender menu, including a glossary of terms.

En français.

Kanji, K., Rogers, K., & Gligorijevic, K. (2022). Asking About Gender: A Toolkit for Youth Workers. Youth Research & Evaluation eXchange.

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